Your NEW Guide To Investing For Financial Independence

(Even During Recessions And Crashes In The Stock Market)

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An Arsenal Of Wealth Building Strategies That Will Help You Survive Tough Times So You Can THRIVE When Things Turn Around

“Invest Like You Mean It” will help you...

  • Understand how to invest responsibly, with your goal of financial independence in mind, ESPECIALLY during a recession
  • ​Learn how to keep your cool during stock market crashes and economic recessions (and how to use these crises to your ADVANTAGE)
  • ​Ensure you’re following a REAL plan and strategy that drastically increases your odds of achieving financial independence
  • ​Learn how to get ahead and stay ahead of the nasty inflation we’re seeing right now
  • ​Learn how to PROTECT yourself from the risk of seeing your life’s savings evaporate overnight in a crash
  • ​Find the proper BALANCE between playing DEFENSE in your personal finances and playing OFFENSE in your investing so you can sleep better at night
  • ​Develop the proper mindset and courage necessary to SURVIVE tough times, so you can set yourself up to THRIVE when things turn around
  • Avoid the most costly wealth killing mistakes investors many make (ESPECIALLY during bear markets and downturns in the economy)
  • ​Know how to identify legitimate, long term investment opportunities that open themselves up in times of fear and panic
  • ​Learn how to put together and follow a “built to last” investment strategy that DOESN’T require you to be logged into your brokerage app all day
  • ​Learn how to tune out all of the “doom and gloom” and fear mongering riddled throughout social media and the news
  • ​Learn how to trust your investment approach enough to be able to STICK to it no matter what the market or economy throws at you short term
  • ​Learn how to do enough research into ANY investment WITHOUT overthinking it or falling victim to “analysis paralysis”
  • ​Learn how to properly stay on top of your investments in a chaotic world
  • ​Learn how to use short term losses in your investments as an OPPORTUNITY to save money on taxes
  • ​And much more, all WITHOUT having to pay thousands of dollars for courses or investment managers

Is “Invest Like You Mean It” For Me?

  • Are you ACTUALLY serious about your goal of being financially independent in the future?
  • ​Do you want to learn how to put together a long-term investment plan and strategy that is built to LAST? (even in 2022)
  • ​Do you want to look back a couple of years from now and be PROUD of how you handled tough times in the economy and stock market, compared to the MILLIONS that let fear keep them on the sidelines?

If you answered “YES” to any or all of these 3 core questions, then this book was written specifically for YOU. 

Consider this eBook your A-Z guide to building long-term wealth and achieving your goal of financial independence, no matter what the world throws at you in the short run.

By reading this book (and actually applying what you read), you’ll have the confidence, clarity and strategy necessary to go the distance as an investor, while many others are washed out of the game. 

what do josé's students stay about his
a-z long-term wealth building strategies?

In the long run, it’s the INVESTORS that win out, NOT the “dabblers” or gamblers.
It’s NOT 2021 Anymore.

There’s no sugarcoating it.

It’s ugly out there right now.

Skyrocketing fuel prices, inflation everywhere you look, war, the stock market taking a beating and an almost certain global economic recession all have even the most experienced investors shook to the core right now.

The “stocks only go up” and “AMC to the moon” memes were fun while they lasted but the reality is, those days are long gone.

Welcome to investing in the year 2022.

Relying on the Fed to bail you out or hoping to strike gold on a cat-themed crypto token is NOT going to work in this environment.

And unfortunately the “just buy index funds” or “just buy stocks of companies whose products you use every day” advice you see every day on social media isn’t going to get you very far, either.

But here’s the thing:

Any savvy investor or financial professional will tell you that tough times are actually a normal part of investing (and even necessary.)

Without bear markets and recessions, we *literally* could not have bull markets and prosperous times in the economy.

Why? Because the market and economy work in seasons.

(If you’re *finally* ready for some good news, here it comes.)
meet the author behind the book
José R. Hernandez
Jose is a financial educator and the founder of Financial University, a global financial education company with the mission of providing others with the financial literacy necessary to build long term wealth and achieve financial independence.

As first-generation immigrant, Jose learned first-hand the importance of money and the challenges that can come from a lack of financial literacy.

After earning an athletic scholarship through baseball, Jose was able to become the first person in his family to receive a formal education in the US and studied finance while in school.

After college, Jose spent a couple of years in the wealth management industry learning the ins and outs of financial planning and investment management first-hand, while also being responsible for over $20 million in assets under management before deciding to move on and start Financial University. Jose holds the Series 7 & 66 securities licenses and is a current CFP candidate.

SInce starting Financial University, Jose has helped thousands worldwide learn how to invest their money responsibly and take their financial futures into their own hands. 
The people that know how to survive the “winter” (and use it as an opportunity) are the ones that thrive the MOST whenever the winter *finally* turns to spring and then eventually, summer.

What this means is…

You CAN survive 2022 financially and ALSO use this environment as an OPPORTUNITY to set yourself up to THRIVE whenever we get out of this mess...

But ONLY if you know what you’re doing and you’re following a REAL plan and strategy (NOT just “tips and tricks”.)

Contrary to what the news may be suggesting…

Now is NOT the time to panic.

Now is NOT the time to abandon the financial future you envision for yourself (or your family).

Now is also NOT the time to be “dabbling in stocks” or gambling with your money, period.

Now IS the time to be STRATEGIZING, CAPITALIZING and INVESTING intelligently in the face of fear…

That way…

You can be one of the few that makes it out of this environment in one piece WITHOUT having to lose precious sleep at night, worrying about your future.

Now you might be wondering “Jose, Who ACTUALLY Makes It In Times Like These?”

The answer is simple…
The People That Make It Are The INVESTORS.
The Investors who are following a TRUE plan backed by a REAL investment strategy they can stick to, even during the ugliest downturns in the market.

The Investors who see OPPORTUNITY in the midst of a crisis.

The Investors who have the COURAGE to make long term decisions in an “instant gratification” world

The Investors who know how to take risk responsibly WITHOUT putting their entire financial future in jeopardy.

In other words…

The people that make it are the ones that know how to ACTUALLY invest their money, like they mean it, ESPECIALLY in an uncertain world.
And This Book Teaches You How You To Be That Investor
Look, I know what social media has been telling you over the past couple of years…

But the TRUTH is this:

There is a HUGE difference between “just buying stocks or index funds” and ACTUALLY investing according to a real, long term strategy that’s tied to your specific goals and situation.

ALSO, contrary to popular belief…

The people that succeed in achieving financial independence long term through investing AREN’T the ones that “make a ton of money” when the stock market is on “easy mode”.

The people that SUCCEED are the ones that are playing the long game and have the ability to survive tough times, not just now, but in the future as well.

I got my first taste of market volatility in December of 2018 with clients invested in the market. (The market fell by almost 20% at one point over the span of just a couple of weeks. It wasn’t fun.)

That instance showed me first-hand how important it is to teach people about risk and coach them through scary and uncertain situations in investing (and that investing isn’t always the “walk in the park” like social media makes it seem).

My goal is to provide you with the knowledge and insights I've worked hard to gain from the professional financial industry so you can take matters into your own hands.

Whether you’ve been investing for years now or haven’t invested a penny in your life, I’m confident I can teach you how to invest, like you mean it.

One thing is for sure.

A couple of years from now, you’ll look back on the financial decisions you made in 2022 and either:

Wish you could go back in time…

OR be proud of how you handled tough times.

If you want to be a part of the group of people that can look back on period time WITHOUT any feelings of regret, it all starts by reading Invest Like You Mean It.

To your success,
josé r. hernandez
While I’m confident this book is PERFECT for long term thinkers and investors of ANY experience level...

To be fair, I want to take just a moment to make sure I’m clear on who this book is NOT for.

Please do NOT purchase this book if:
  • You’re looking for the next “get rich quick scheme”
  • ​You ONLY care about day trading (NOT investing)
  • ​You’re NOT serious about your financial future
  • ​You’re NOT willing to put in the work required to succeed
  • ​You want to overcomplicate things instead of caring about what ACTUALLY works
Fair enough?

Great. Click the button below and start learning how to invest, like you mean it, today!


Is this only for people in the US?
The vast majority of the material is universal in nature and can be applied regardless of where you’re located.
How much investing experience is required in order for me to get the most out of this book?
This book has been purposefully written in a way that can be understood and applied by anyone, regardless of their investing experience. If you’re brand new to investing, it’ll help you build a great strategy from the ground up. If you’re an experienced investor, it’ll help you fill in gaps in your current knowledge and help you make sure you have a complete strategy in place to achieve financial independence.
Who is this book NOT for?
If you’re looking for information on day trading, forex trading, crypto trading, get-rich-quick-schemes of any kind or you’re not interested in learning how to build long term wealth responsibly through investing, this is not the book for you.
Have more questions?
Reach out to me directly at if you have more questions!
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